Tripps Travel Network welcomes you to the Emerald City of Seattle, which has a diverse yet blended culture, easygoing people, appealing activities and unique and unforgettable charm. Seattle considered the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest has an excellent collection of places, culture, and ideas.

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So grab your best friend or family and trek off to the Emerald City. However, with such diverse attractions and activities to enjoy you should have a good plan before your plane tires touch the runway.

Tripps Travel Network says that you can enlist the top attractions and the things to enjoy with the aid of a reputable travel agent who will offer you the options and help you navigate you through the best fun-filled way.

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The Space Needle stands out, as the iconic attraction of Seattle created for the 1962 world fair. Tourists will love the panoramic view from its Observation Deck, and they need not walk far to enjoy another unique Seattle experience, as it is only a few minutes walk. Its excellent collection of artifacts and exciting multimedia presentation makes the Experience Music Project the first of its kind in the world.

Tripps Travel Network says that the tourists can travel from the city’s heart to its soul that is its Pike Place Market. It is the oldest continually working Farmer’s market and an outdoor celebration of fruits and seafood. Tourists with families should visit Seattle’s Aquarium, another favorite diving spot, a world-class exhibit and unique underwater viewing dome that gets your adrenaline moving.

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Tourists get to watch the colorful bells of the passing fishes and other marine creatures, and if you are interested in a close encounter, you should walk right of its shore and Scuba dive in Elliot Bay to catch sight of the largest octopus in the world.

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