Tripps Travel Network knows that the unpleasantness of long flights can be minimized if you come well prepared so planning ahead will help you arrive in good health at your destination whether you travel for business or pleasure. Drinking plenty of water before your flight is very important as the cabin air is much drier than normal. You should also chew sweets and toffees during take-off and landing as the decrease in the cabin pressure causes sinus and ear reactions and the chewing motion reduces the pain.

Tripps Travel Network members remind travelers to pack the items that they need during their flight in their carryon bags as this way they can retrieve them during the flight. When packing your luggage always consider the items that you can live without and the ones that you can’t. You can always send yourself home a package if you are over packed as this is much cheaper than paying the extra luggage charges at the airport.

Tripps Travel Network members remind you to plan your trip early to get the best promotions available and save and enjoy more. Hire a reputable travel agent as they can get you good discounts and deals because they are aware of the special promotions and offers before they are made public.

Tripps Travel Network members say that all travelers should follow these simple and important travel tips to ease travel to any location in the world. But before traveling you should follow the booking procedures strictly to avoid problems while traveling. You should also carry extra copies of your important documents or email them to yourself so that you can access them if you lose the originals by mistake.