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Lake Havasu Arizona lies at the center of the Arizona desert, adjacent to Colorado River and the giant reservoir from which it gets its name. If you are looking for a quick family getaway, there are numerous family-friendly as well engaging activities to do. Also referred to as “Arizona’s playground,” the city offers an endless supply of activities and entertainment to its visitors. The sun shines nearly all day making the Havasu an ideal place for the family vacation. Below are some of the favorite things you can do while vacationing Lake Havasu Arizona with your family.

1. London Bridge

The world’s famous “London Bridge” was constructed in London in the 12th century and it traversed River Thames for many years. In this period it survived bombings from the two world wars, and it gradually began to fall into disrepair. In 1960, the bridge was sold and dismantled then shipped stone by stone later reconstructed in Havasu city. Today the bridge stands across Colorado River, and it’s one of the most important attractions to visitors in Arizona, second to the Grand Canyon.


2. Lake Havasu Beaches

There is nothing quite overwhelming than a bright sunny day along the beach. Lake Havasu Arizona is home to many beautiful beaches where families can swim, play and sunbathe. Lake Havasu beaches are pristine, large and clean with some offering some extra amenities such as restrooms and barbecues; others are even pet-friendly, ideal for families. More so, Havasu Lake serves as one of the best boating destinations in the US. The sparkling lake water and the bright sun visible in the bright Arizona skies offers an additional welcome package to visitors who opt to explore the lake. Alternatively, boaters can tour the lake to find other fantastic beaches and hidden coves.

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3. Wanderlust Balloons

In a city delineated by its waters, the Wanderlust balloons offer families an opportunity to view the Colorado River and Lake Havasu from a much different and breath-taking vantage point. Families can tour Lake Havasu, Colorado River and even spot the London bridge from the skies. The balloons are inflated before sunrise, and the journey begins in the morning and ends at Sara park where each passenger is treated with a celebratory meal, certificate and a balloon-shaped lapel pin to commemorate the experience.

4. History Museum

From diverse Arizona’s mining history to the Mojave native’s lifestyle and endowed culture, Lake Havasu Museum profoundly elaborates the rich history of the Arizona region. Visitors can cool off from the fatigue and high heat levels outside the museum as they receive some educational materials. Admission into the museum is free for children aged below 12 whereas adults are charged $7.5. The museum opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm from Tuesday through Saturday.

5. The State Park

The state park offers an ideal location for swimming, hiking, fishing and much more in a spectacular Arizona nature setting. Accessible to everyone all year round, 24 hrs a day, the park has outdoor trails alongside extensive fields, strategically tucked on the sides of River Colorado. The park is sustained with ample power supply as well as the quick route to picnic tables, fire rings as well as portable clean drinking water. Additionally, the park is an entry point for water vessels and provides kayak and canoe rentals for families and other visitors.

Lake Havasu Arizona takes the form of an oasis at the epicenter of the Arizona desert. Visitors can choose to partake in either water or beach activities, and everyone can get informed about the city’s history, and it’s richly diverse culture. Once you visit the city, you will understand why it’s recommended as a top travel destination for both big and small families, suggests Tripps travel Network.

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