Tripps Travel Network Reviews understands that at the end of the day, it is the memories that count.

Anytime you recall someplace special; you remember the memories made when with the person. It could be your family or close friends. Meaning that most people make amazing memories through is traveling. Tripps Travel through its vast network of resorts has you covered. Most importantly, indelible moments that you will forever be grateful for and remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

A travel destination that needs to be included t on your bucket list is the UNESCO Heritage Site Venice.


Tripps Travel Network suggests visiting as many UNESCO has various Heritage sites as possible. Would rather be none other than Venice. If you haven’t been to Europe and never had reason enough to compel you, now you do.  Venice is in Italy, and it is such a lovely place with a lagoon. Many words can begin to describe Venice including romantic and adventure. The bottom line is, what you desire from your trip shall be memorable.

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One of the picturesque side canals of beautiful Venice

The UNESCO Heritage Site Venice is a potent blend of history. Architectural masterpieces line up in the town with artwork from well-renowned artists such as Veronese and Giorgione. The contribution of Venice to art and architecture is comparable to none. The 118 islands are a phenomenon in themselves.

Among the top sites to visit is the Torcello’s Cathedral, Palazzo Ducale and Frari. The names in themselves do suggest the heritage of the place. They symbolize the land’s golden age. Europe gets its inspiration from some of the great artists who have been to Venice or hail from Venice.

Among the top things to do would be to enjoy the vast sea that surrounds the lagoon. The place is a historical monument in itself. With your family, you can visit magnificent monuments such the
Piazzetta cathedral, enjoy the medieval architecture and go for fishing escapades in the fishing villages.

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Tripps Travel Network suggests adding Venice to your bucket list

The architecture in Venice attests to discipline and integration of culture and times. From ancient structures, renaissance, and modern structures. All have been brought together in an ecosystem that is self-sufficient and speaks volumes.

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Grand Canal with Basilica Santa Maria Della Salute

This is what your typical day looks like. Visit Venice and get to see where they got their inspiration from.

The UNESCO Heritage Site Venice is a blend of history in a subtle and lovely way. Families will enjoy the trip and appreciate the heritage of the people of Venice. Being in a position to remain authentic in the 21st century is commendable. Having buildings, monuments, cathedrals, and places speaking for themselves is a sight to behold.

Architecture, art, and heritage always speak for themselves. This is what you get when you get to Venice. None other than Venice will you get to appreciate art in its most authentic form. Being able to
have history stored well for tourists is a blessing. Wait no more and head on to the UNESCO Heritage Site Venice. The memories you will make with your loved ones will be something you will be grateful for perpetually.

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