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About us, Tripps Travel Network is an A+ Accredited business with the Better Business Bureau in the State of Nevada. Tripps Travel Network in conjunction with SOR Technology provides discounted luxury travel to its members. Expect savings below public rates on hotels, condos, cruises, rental cars, and more!

About Tripps is very simple we make dreams come true at prices so affordable that your dreams become reality.

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Tripps Travel Network opened in 2010. Our relationship with SOR Technology has created tremendous growth, with SOR Technology servicing 400,000 members and growing! Getting people on vacations is our goal.


You’ve found your way to the vacation club that really travels.

Let us show you the way to affordable luxuries. Week-long vacation stays at resorts around the world! Cruises on the best ships in the industry to exotic ports of call! Discounts off the everyday name-brand products you need and want! Everything for your incredible lifestyle is right here.


Tripps Travel Network is about being a leader in providing customer service to our clients and customers, knows that for any traveler out there, finding ways to save is one of the most important things when it comes to their vacation. That’s why Tripps Travel Network is proud to announce our unprecedented gold standard guarantee. When it comes to providing the best in the travel industry, it’s been a significant focus for our team to provide unparalleled customer service, along with a dedication to helping all those out there create a vacation aligned with their vision of the perfect trip.

Whether at the last minute or planned months in advance. We show our members exciting ways to save money while on vacation. Our exclusive vacation club offers heavily discounted deals on many different kinds of trips, and the booking process has never been more straightforward. Save valuable time and money now and choose to make your dreams vacation become a reality. When you think about holidays with Tripps Travel Network, we hope you will think about us.


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Tripps Travel Network is an outstanding luxury vacation provider that offers its members unbeatable deals to top destinations around the world.
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